Sujay Nagaraj

MD/PhD Student, Vanier Scholar, University of Toronto (Department of Computer Science)


I am a 6th year MD/PhD Student at the University of Toronto, currently pursuing my PhD (Year 4) in the Department of Computer Science and the Vector Institute. I am supervised by Dr. Anna Goldenberg.

My research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning and health - in particular, how can we leverage the vast data from wearable devices to make meaningful inferences about human health?


Feb 16, 2024 Check out our new preprint introducing and proposing methods to handle temporal label noise from time series data: Learning from Time Series under Temporal Label Noise.
Dec 20, 2023 Check out our latest article in nPJ Digital Medicine, where we use causal discovery and multimodal time-series data from wearables to understand the heterogeneity of stress!
Dec 8, 2023 Our workshop proposal for Learning from Time Series 4 Health was accepted at ICLR 2024, see you in Vienna! More details to follow.
Dec 22, 2022 Honoured to have been awarded a prestigious CIHR Vanier CGS Scholarship - $150,000 in funding over 3 years.

selected publications

  1. TLN.png
    Learning from Time Series under Temporal Label Noise
    Sujay Nagaraj, Walter Gerych, Sana Tonekaboni, and 3 more authors
  2. paper1.png
    Dissecting the heterogeneity of “in the wild” stress from multimodal sensor data
    Sujay Nagaraj, Sarah Goodday, Thomas Hartvigsen, and 7 more authors
    npj Digital Medicine, 2023
  3. mlmd2.png
    Assessment of machine learning–based medical directives to expedite care in pediatric emergency medicine
    Devin Singh, Sujay Nagaraj, Pouria Mashouri, and 4 more authors
    JAMA Network Open, 2022
  4. medstudentAI.png
    What do medical students actually need to know about artificial intelligence?
    Liam G McCoy, Sujay Nagaraj, Felipe Morgado, and 3 more authors
    nPJ digital medicine, 2020